The Blind Guardians of Ignorance

The Blind Guardians of Ignorance –

Covid-19, Sustainability, and Our Vulnerable Future

By Mats Larsson

Imprint Academic

The issue of planning the necessary large-scale test projects, finding the financing, and completing the projects should be high on the agenda of any politician who is serious about sustainability, and arguing in favour of large scale test projects as a means to remove obstacles should be high on the agenda of change leaders […]. They cannot be initiated based on the cries of Greta Thunberg or on the experiences from the Covid-19 pandemic. They need to involve the building of a long-term vision of the roll-out of the new systems and the ambition to find the most cost effective and least risky way of organizing and financing the roll-out.

(‘Organizing Transformation’)

Try telling the above to the current heads of British government, and you’ll be cajoled, if not laughed out of the boardroom. As wasn’t the prime minister, Boris Johnson, in full support of herd immunity, where his ‘chief advisor,’ the deplorable and altogether altruistic Dominic Cummings, ‘’initially argued against strict measures to contain coronavirus in a view summarised as “if that means some pensioners die, too bad” (The Guardian, 22.03.2020).

Yes, ‘’too bad’’ Mr. Cummings – especially if they were your parents.

To be sure, the arguments set forth in The Blind Guardians of Ignorance – Covid-19, Sustainability & Our Vulnerable Future (A Handbook for Change Leaders, Young and Old) are far too grounded in considered reason and substantiation for the likes of many so-called ‘’leaders.’’

Especially where a veritable tsunami of backhanders are concerned, eh Mr. Hancock?

The mere fact that I feel compelled to relate much of what is written amid these 241 pages to the current corrupt government, underlines the degree to which some sort of reflective separation needs to take hold. And I am a mere bystander, who, along with most of the rest of the population, finds himself caught up within the continuing, horrendous trajectory of Covid-19.

Though at the time of initial writing, no doubt Mats Larson may well have found himself in a slightly different place. Either way, this is where the author truly shines, because from the very outset, his views are refreshingly clear and concise, if not honest and meticulous: ‘’This is the story of how the majority of the population of the western world came to believe in market-based development to such an extent that the roles of foresight and collective action were repressed and largely forgotten by experts, politicians, and the general public. It is the story of how governments of countries came to not observe the risks of the lack of thoughtful consideration and planning and left the fate of their countries in the hands of blind irresponsible forces.’’

Indeed, one need look no further than the UK or the US, where Covid deaths have run unnecessarily rampant (and we are still counting).

One could say that The Blind Guardians of Ignoranceought to have been written a very long time ago, but then would it have made any difference to the powers that be?

Would they have taken note?

Of course not – although maybe now they (finally) will.

David Marx

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