Nothing Really Matters In Life More Than Love


Nothing Really Matters In Life More Than Love
By Agustin Fernandez Paz
Small Stations Press

To call this book utterly wonderful would be a most profound understatement.
There again, it ought to go without saying that the countless and assorted shades of love arrive in many a splendid form.
And is (as such) oft embraced by unanswerable magnitude.

The sort of unimaginable magnitude that has irrevocably been devoured by nigh every meaningful poet since Adam (mis)interpreted the hots for Eve.

With a most suave and succinct title like Nothing Really Matters In Life More Than Love, might it not go without saying that this book would clearly/immediately penetrate the most dormant parts of the soul – most books leave behind?

Well within reason, these 152 pages do just that.
As beauty – just like lust, just like love – lies firmly in the malcontent eye (and heart) of the lost and the lonely.

And boy does Agustin Fernandez Paz, author of this altogether overtly captivating book, realise as much; especially when quoting the great Spanish poet of the Generation of ’50, Jose Angel Valente:

Your body can
fill my life,
just as your laughter
can drive away the dark wall
of sadness.

A single word from you breaks
blind solitude to bits.

The above words – or should I say open delicacy – can be found within the book’s first of ten short stories, ‘A Radiant Silence;’ which in itself, drips with the most apt of social melancholy: ”She spent many hours shut up in her crystal tower, as required to in the daytime, but also in the evening, a routine she hadn’t minded until something inside her had changed and she’d realized life, real life, was flowing relentlessly by on the other side of the glass walls.”

To be sure, each of these stories ignite some sort of synthesis of soul drenched melancholy; the sort of which is as regal as it is resolute.

As it is undeniably romantic.

David Marx


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