Hollywood Scandals


The Mammoth Book of Hollywood Scandals
By Michelle Morgan
Constable & Robinson – £8.99

There are three sides to every story… His, hers and the truth – Anon

If it’s a little rock’n’roll cum celebrity tittle-tattle you’re after, then you really could do a whole lot worse than to spend a few hearty hours engaging in Hollywood Scandals – Scandalous Lives, Scandalous Deaths, And Everything In Between.

As the title more than accurately suggests, each of its sixty-one stories of Oh-Er Missus, quasi-misfit, cleavage, guns ago-go reportage, will undoubtedly whisk you away unto a place of Hollywood induced How’s Yer Father…

As clearly stated on the back cover: ”From the 1920s right up to the present, get the low-down on La-La Land, behind the scenes. Times may change, but people, it seems, don’t.”

Indeed, people don’t change that much. They may get richer and sneakier, not particularly sexier albeit smugger. And herein, you’re able to stumble upon all the clarification you’ve ever needed.

From ‘The Mysterious Death of Lana Turner’s Boyfriend,’ wherein Morgan writes: ” Johnny Stompanato (great name) was known as a hard man who had worked as a bodyguard for Mafia boss Mickey Cohen, but it was his good looks and reputation as a fine lover that first attracted Lana. Unfortunately, he was also extremely violent and during the course of their affair not only abused Turner on a number of occasions, but also found himself deported from the UK after beating his lover during the making of her movie, Another Time, Another Place. So bad was the beating, in fact, that the set had to be closed until she recovered, leading the British government to intervene and throw Stompanato pout of the country.,” to ‘Michael Jackson, the Man from Neverland’: ”She (Lisa Presley) also described the time she was married as ”insane”and explained that during their relationship she was blindsided and naive. Finally – after enduring times when Michael would disappear for weeks on end and collapsed mysteriously during the making of an HBO special – she’d decided that she’d had enough. Added to that, Jackson was surrounded by a number of people who she felt were sucking the life out of him, and yet he seemed to choose them over her in his life. Eventually the young woman woke up and knew that in circumstances such as these, she was not able to carry on trying to ”save” him and just wanted out.,” there’s oodles of material throughout Hollywood Scandals that will invariably trigger muchos (fraught) food for thought.

After a while however, the reading will begin to come across as somewhat superfluous and supercilious, and you’ll probably find yourself groping for the nearest Hemingway or Hardy.

But hey, it is what it is: styrofoam reading by way of other people’s dirty laundry.

David Marx


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