Buying Property in Poland

Buying Property in Poland
By Tim Hill
Summertime Publishing – £15.00

The sham like shackles of dire, elongated Soviet domination was thankfully and luckily obliterated throughout Poland during the 1980s; and what has since then become profoundly evident, is the county’s unwavering commitment to not only catch up with much of the rest of western Europe, but economically excel beyond all doubters expectations. So much so, that a modest hotel room in central Warsaw for example, is now on a par with (if not more expensive) than a modest hotel room in Manchester, Maastricht or Milan.

It’s no surprise then that a similar monitory value has now spilled over into that of Poland’s property market. Thus, enticing anyone and everyone – from canny Germans to the west of the country, cunning Americans to the south, along with all and susceptible sundry such as the ghastly Starbucks to the aforesaid country’s capital and Krakow – to wine and invariably dine ye sudden upsurge of real estate agents. All in the hope of securing a piece of Poland for either themselves, their ever dwindling pension plans or unscrupulous offshore bank account(s).

Sound too good to be true?
Well tak i nie (yes and no for the uninitiated).

Poland might be up and coming, but it’s still very much catching up. So unless you speak Polish, know what you’re doing, or have family and friends in the know and on the ground, buying property in the country could well prove an elongated headache of not-to-be-messed-with proportions. Admittedly, the same might just as readily apply to both Bulgaria and Brazil – two other nations that silently appear to be on the economic up. But where Bulgaria, and more recently Brazil have been far more vigorously and openly promoted of late, Poland has remained something of a dark horse.

So might I suggest Buying Property in Poland, a more than comprehensive guide to the advantages, as well as the disadvantages, of purchasing Polish property? Apart from it’s 219 pages being something of a pleasure to read and easy to digest, it’s written by someone who clearly cares about his subject. Along with a brief historical and cultural introduction to Poland at the outset of the book, author Tim Hill not only guides us through the possible difficulties of Polish bureaucracy – which believe me, is absolutely nothing when compared to that of French or German – but he cajoles, suggests, recommends and shines much tumultuous light on nigh every area (by area) of what really is a beautiful country.

For instance, in ‘The Regions’ section of Part Three he writes: ‘’Kujawsko-Pomorski (pronounced koo-yav-sko pom-or-ski-e) is one of contrasts. On the one hand it is home to the city of Torun which has the largest medieval old town in Poland and on the other hand, less than fifty kilometres away is the industrial metropolis of Bydgoszcz. In the surrounding countryside visitors can find some of the most extensive forests in Poland (the largest of which covers over 790,000 hectares) but also come across huge factory complexes whose production lines pour out both heavy goods and light commercial products for the domestic and international markets.’’

If nothing else, Hill tells it as it is; which, if you’re looking to invest your money, is absolutely without doubt what you want. For in the current economic crisis, it really would be so very easy to pull the flimflam over ones’ eyes by pertaining that the grass is considerably greener elsewhere. In this instance, Poland. Yet Hill declines to succumb to such brash and intrinsically puerile tactics. As Michael Dembinski, Head of Policy with the British Polish Chamber of Commerce has written: ‘’The guide is comprehensive and practical, covering all property types across Poland, and answers all questions that potential property investors are likely to ask.’’

Buying Property in Poland is indeed the definitive publication that will no doubt answer all you might ever need to know on the subject.

David Marx


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