Amsterdam – Time out (Shortlist) Guides

Amsterdam –

Time Out (Shortlist) Guides


As The Times says, these Time Out Shortlists are ‘’travel guides you can trust,’’ and this Amsterdam edition is by no means an exception. Its 188 pages are simply crammed with everything one needs to know and/or investigate in relation to a short, or long stay in the city. From Sights and Museums to Neighbourhood Hopping, from Arts and Leisure to Living by Design, from Down by the Water to a Walk on the Wild Side and I ain’t talking Lour Reed.

Concisely and clearly written, with just a hint of injected edge, there’s something for everyone within this neat little pocket size Time Out (Shortlist) Amsterdam

Apart from anything else, it’s nice to finally behold a guide that truly tells it as it is, as opposed to how it ought to be told (from that of a purely marketing perspective). Having spent much of my childhood and teenage years in Amsterdam, I for one, have witnessed the ever-increasing homogenization of the city centre. That the serried ranks of one sex shop after another kebab shop after another coffee shop after another sex shop after another kebab shop after another coffee shop have unfortunately taken hold ad infinitum in recent years, I cannot help but feel a little personally chastised. Reason being, there really is – or should that read, was – so much more to Amsterdam than a fistful of doners and deranged sex.

The editors herein, mildly hint as much at the outset of the section on The Old Centre: ‘’The compelling Old Centre (aka Oud Centrum) surfs on a wave of contradiction. On one side, the surface delights of shops jostle with the fine pursuits of the mind, whereas on the other the trappings of sex jar against the icons of religion.’’ This in itself, makes for a refreshing read, but then this is hardly surprising as Time Out have always been relatively renowned for their finger on the pulse travel writing.

Replete with an array of helpful sized maps and an A to Z of Resources towards the back of the book, also included in this more recent edition, are Chic Stays on a Budget (which includes the new ship container hotel), the first Gay Cruising Club, as well as a section called Hipster Heaven in Amsterdam East.

A very realistic travel guide at a very realistic price.

David Marx


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