Beatles Memorabilia – The Julian Lennon Collection

Beatles Memorabilia

The Julian Lennon Collection

Carlton Publishing – £25.00

Littered with close-up, colour photographs of Beatles memorabilia and all things related to the band, Beatles Memorabilia – The Julian Lennon Collection is akin to entering one of the fab four’s living rooms, or, at the very least, one of their private collections; which in a roundabout kind of way is what this book fundamentally is.

And what I wouldn’t give to have just one of these Gold Discs, guitars or set of autographs in my collection!

Divided into six sections, these 189 pages (which also includes a visual index) might not shed any new light on that of The Beatles work or the band members themselves, but it really is something of a magical mystery tour through the band’s career – as bequeathed by John’s elder son, Julian Lennon: ‘’This collection represents something of great importance to me, as it is part of my history… our history.’’

Depending on the degree to which one is a Beatles fan, many of these images, postcards, photographs of Beatles gadgetry and instruments, might well be construed, as being are a part of our history. Like the Royal Family – of both Elizabethan and Ricky Tomlinson persuasion – much of what is contained herein has indeed played a part (if not conjugated musical synthesis) in our collective histories.

What’s more, it’s the sharing thereof, that accounts for much of the continuation of that history – if such be the word.

The dream might over, the music most certainly isn’t.

If anything, The Beatles music continues to provoke, perplex and prevail; which may account for the regular arrival of new books’n’literature that both dissects and celebrates. This new and most recent addition, being a fine example of the latter, as so much of what is contained herein, will invariably add to the depth, deliberation and legacy of the band. As Brian Southall (who wrote the official history of Abbey Road Studios) writes in the Introduction: ‘’Throughout our conversation Julian talked proudly and candidly about his father […] and also about the items which occupy a special place in the memories of his childhood years.

At the same time I was able to throw his way some stories from my 15-year career with The Beatles’ record company, EMI. Although John Lennon was the only Beatle I never met – and the one I wanted to meet most of all – I did work on his various solo releases during the 1970s and was constantly entertained by the witty and at times cruelly sarcastic telexes and postcards he sent to the company on a regular basis from his new home in New York. His impact on […] my time and those who were there during the hectic and unforgettable days of Beatlemania talked of his creativity, stubbornness, excess, wit, curiosity, passion – and unending suspicion of big business.’’

And how right was he to have an ‘’unending suspicion of big business,’’ as it’s big business that’s quintessentially destroying the very essence of music – but don’t even get me started…

As rather lavish as it is compellingly put together, a share of the proceeds from the sale of Beatles Memorabilia – The Julian Lennon Collection will be donated to The White Feather Foundation – which promotes awareness and raises funds for various causes around the world.

For further details, check out their website:

David Marx


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