Vegetable, Fruit and Herb Growing in Small Spaces

Vegetable, Fruit and Herb Growing
In Small Spaces
By John Harrison
Right Way/Constable & Robinson – £5.99

This rather handy gardening book by John Harrison – bestselling author of Vegetable Growing Month by Month – has something for everyone. Whether you’re novice or a relatively experienced gardener, you’ve a large garden, a tiny patio, a mere collection of pots and tubs or indeed just a window box, you’ll undoubtedly find something of intrinsic interest within the pages of Vegetable, Fruit and Herb Growing in Small Spaces.

Described by the Independent on Sunday as ‘Britain’s greatest allotment authority’ (now there’s a title), Harrison herein writes in a very casual, informative and easy to understand manner, which for the newcomer looking to grow home produce, can only be a good thing.

Every section covers enough information to get one excited and ready to rush out and spend a week’s worth of wages on pots and paraphernalia, bulbs and seeds and assorted fertilizers. If however, the book included a few colour photographs, which it doesn’t, one might feel more inclined to spend a month’s worth of wages – which upon reflection (not to mention one’s salary), might not be the most thought through of endeavours.

That said, the author does have a most congenial way of addressing his readers. Depending on the amount of space and what sort of pot/container etc one has, Harrison weighs up the pros and cons of the varying methods of growing throughout. As well as giving much sought after advice upon the many different varieties of fruit and vegetables, he inspires one to actually get started, rather than go down the pub and merely think about it.

Along with useful tips for gardeners who have physical disabilities, and an informative Glossary at the back of the book (which contains all those ‘gardening terms’ you hear Mr. Titmarsh use, but never understand), this endearing little book enables one to enjoy home grown produce – free of both chemical residues and increasing prices.

David Marx


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