Match Wits With The Kids

Match Wits With The Kids

By Jonathan Green

Icon Books – £8.99

If, as parents, you sometimes find yourselves climbing the collective walls of turmoil in search of something to entertain and calm the kids – especially during those elongated weekends that are filled with rain, tedium and nothing particularly groovy on telly – then this could well be the perfect book for you.

Match Wit with the Kids is, as it says on the front cover: ‘’a little learning for all the family.’’ Indeed, it’s one of those books that immediately grabs the attention of even the most innocent and innocuous by bystanders. It’s akin to a pub quiz, only more geared towards that which we all learnt at school – rather than FA Cup trivia or such a question as who sang which song backwards on the B-side of the Snivelling Scrotums only ever single to be released on green vinyl in Peru.

From English Grammar and Spelling (‘’Normally the word ‘prescribe’ is used to mean something the doctor tells us to do. To ‘proscribe’ something means to forbid it, declare it illegal or ban it’’), from The Law of Averages to 70 Scientists Who Changed The World (did you know that Marie Curie was Polish?), from Classical Civilisation to the World Map (had this book been written in 1990, the world would have had thirty-two fewer countries!), from Chemistry to the Restless Planet (’’An estimated 1.5 million earthquakes occur every year worldwide. There are approximately 6,000 with a magnitude of 4.0 or higher on the Richter Scale, but generally only one of these will be 8.0.’’).

Along with a brief overview of French, German and Spanish, author Jonathan Green has compiled a more than compelling and magnetic wealth of interesting facts, figures and knowledge.

As such, Match Wits with the Kids is a book that’s as engaging as it is fun as it is imperative throughout those aforementioned weekends and really long, giddy car journeys. To be sure, it would even work a treat amid yer (not spelt correctly) average pub quiz.

David Marx


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